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Companies that expend extra resources on the production process are losing economic benefits in the long run. To ensure the cost-effectiveness of most manufacturing processes it is advisable to automate. Enterprise automation can be made by setting of factory standard equipment, or by manufacturing of machines, devices, vehicles, special purpose or unique equipment in a single copy. Specialized models often benefit compared with the introduction of the production chain of serial samples of equipment: standard equipment has a hard stuffy process of its operation, which often cannot realize its full potential. By implementing accurate and established by production needs of the customer operation algorithm, the equipment designed and manufactured in KINERGO allowed the customer to save money, and its effectiveness was higher then of serial counterparts. We solve real problems in your plant, and do not give advice, which cannot be implemented. From ideas and drawings to efficient equipment – there is one step and we want to make it with you. KINERGO engineers together with your specialists remotely or on-site thoroughly examine the issue and suggest approaches to solving it. The result of our work will increase productivity and product quality, reducing the time and costs of your company.